04 Sep 2013

Montanta Fly Fishing

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If your looking for the best fly fishing in Montanta. The Bighorn River Lodge is a beautiful cottage located on the bank of the serene and peaceful Bighorn River in Montana. This elegant and cozy lodge plays host to many thrilling outdoor activities and amusements. The lake water shimmers from the outlook of the lodge, as guests can spend a cool afternoon relaxing on the porch or conversing about the day’s events on the balcony above.

The lodge consists of five comfortable bedrooms, each comprised of two beds, though a single king size is available upon request. The bedrooms are luxurious and homely at the same time. Each guestroom comes complete with a private bathroom, in which the linens are changed once per day. An interesting and enjoyable addition to the vacation package is that guests are invited to dine with the owners on the first night of their stay, resulting in a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Upon dinner time, one will be presented with delicious meals and appetizers that satisfy any palette. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are also provided with each day of your stay. The vacation packages are a bit pricey, but well worth the cost, as fishing is included with each. The Caddis Cabin (a beautiful and lavish private cabin} is perfect for those with larger parties. This package doesn’t provide the usual services included with a room at the lodge, such as guided fishing, which is fantastic for those seeking a greater sense of adventure.

For those on a business trip, you will not be left in want. The Bighorn River Lodge contains a state of the art conference room that houses an HD Video Projector, a Blu-ray and DVD player, and Wireless Internet Service, among many other modern amenities that will aid perfectly in any sort of business conference. The conference room mixes the high tech business world with a rustic backdrop, and the results are fantastic.

A stay at the Bighorn River Lodge would not be complete without fly-fishing, and on that front, the lodge has you covered. The Bighorn River Lodge is known as one of the top fly-fishing destinations in all of America, and for good reason. The vast river is said to be home to an excess of 8,000 brown and rainbow trout per river mile, which should be a comfort to travelers not accustomed to fly-fishing. Spending a day on the river among the beautiful nature is an unforgettable experience. The knowledgeable guides are local fly-fishing experts, making the experience all the more authentic. For those without the proper fishing gear, the Bighorn River Lodge is home to a nice shop that is stocked with all the gear that you’ll need for a proper day on the river. The water is usually calm and inviting, extending its welcome to even the most inexperienced of fishermen.

Another benefit of staying at the Bighorn River Lodge is the fly-fishing school, known as the Bighorn Fishing Clinic, which can teach anyone the skills it takes to master the art of fly-fishing. The instructors are kind and patient, and will guide each student into learning the ropes of casting, reading the river, and fly selection. Students begin their lessons each day on a private fishing pond, with said lessons advancing towards practical application on the river itself in the afternoon. Upon signing up for this package, each student will receive all the gear and amenities they will need during their stay at the school.

There is a wonderful hearth room in the lodge that is a great place to get to know the other guests. It’s a very warm and inviting room, highlighted by an elegant fireplace, which is surrounded by comfortable chairs and sofas. You can complete the day with a few rounds of poker at the custom made poker table or dine on some tasty hors d’oeuvres. The Bighorn River Lodge has an exemplary cuisine, one that includes meals such as Merlot Glazed Beef Short Ribs and Cornmeal Crusted Walleye, among others.

The lodge lies on the riverbed, though rolling green pastures can be seen in your immediate view, with snowy mountains in the distance. Whether taking a vacation in the summer or winter, or any season in between, the lodge and its wondrous surroundings create a pristine and tranquil backdrop that will instantly make you feel as though it’s a home away from home.

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